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Stand magnifier 7.0X with scale C-8013 /C-8014

Item No.: S-M-8013/8014
stand magnifier,adjustable magnifier, mainy check  Jewelry  examine stamps, prints, engraving, circuit boards, etc
Product parameters
Item No.: C-8013 /C-8014
Magnification: 7X
Description How to order

   Stand magnifier 7.0X with scale C-8013 /C-8014
(Each itmes has four different scales for choosing  01,02,03,04)
designed for various applications including printing, machining and inspecting and measuring, etc. The fully coated optical glass (all surface is coated) provides a bright and high contract image. It is designed with excellent eye-relief making it usable by individuals with astigmatism even while wearing eye-glasses. The loupe is light and portable and includes four measuring scales


Item No Lens Size(mm) Magnification Diopter Height (mm) Feature
C-8013 25 7X 24 57 Glass reticle 01~04
C80134 19 10X 36 35 Glass reticle 01~04
 Scales    01: line scare 06 inch or 16mm      02: line scale maximum 16mm
                03:angles,radius,width in inches     04: angles, radius, width in mm


Mgnifier need minimum order quanity 100 piece each item. if you need order, please contact
Leading time: shipped out within 7 days after order confrimation
shipping way: according to rquirements
payment terms: T/T advanced (also accpet Paypal ,credit card payment)