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Safety Goggles CBP-3058 (4 Vents)

Item No.: SG3058
Safety Goggles Safety Glasses
Super Quality Safety Goggles Safety Glasses
1.Completely closed mask style protection safety goggles
2.high quality clear transprant  optic PC material,Hard treatment, Anti-impact ,anti-scratch lens,silicone material holder.
3.100% UV protection for outdoor wear
4.Anti-fog, hardened lens. liquid splash protection,4 Indirect vents allows airflow and reduces fog build up, special Anti-fog coating treatment (Optional);liquid splash protection
5.Lightweight providing increased comfort for extended wear,Adjustable strap for custom fit
6 Indirect vents allows airflow and reduces fog build up
7.mainly used in Medical, outdoor, and other that need protect eyes, face,nose ...
8.CE EN166F    USA ANSI Z87.1  


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