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New Designing medical lamps CHL-JC-MO6C0-BP

Item No.: 01
new designing dental surgical lamps medical lights , Can be attachd headband, eyewear,and various kinds of loupes with differnet attachements parts.
Product parameters
light style: portable /headband
Buble Vlots: 3W
Brightness Ajustable: yes
Battery Continue Working Time: 5H
Portable dental surgical medical lamps CHL-JCM06C-BP
Small and light designing LED lights, different attached parts, it can be attached on medical loupes, eyewear, goggles, headband with different attached parts.
Product model:CHL-JCM06C-BP
Color temperature:6000-6500k white light / 4000-45000k yellow light (with yellow filter)
Illuminance parameters:
 Spot size    Brightness   Distance
 4.5cm             35000lux     @20cm
 7.0cm             25000lux     @30cm
 10.5cm            20000ux     @40cm
Weight:   7g
Light size:   3cm      legnth  dia: 1.5cm
Cable length: 150cm
buble lifetime: 50000 hours
pure white color , brightness adjustable, clerity sharp edge light spots.
Battery packing: 
Continue working 5 hours with highest brightness
Mirco usb recharge connector
Battery capacity : 2000mha
Brightness adjustable
Charging time: 4 hours
Power capacity:                  2000mAH                               
      Usage time:                  5Hours                                     
      Charging interface:      USB interface                           
      Charging time:             4Hours     
 Battery packing with leather bag and clips, it can be attached on belts.
packing including: 
LED lights with cord
Battery Packing
wall plug adaptor
accessories kits (including attached parts)
organic fliter
USB cord