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New Design Flip Up Galilean Dental loupes surgical loupes 2.5x 3.0x 3.5x CHL series Sportsframes

Item No.: F-CHL-S
New High-quality CareOptik Flip Up dental loupes surgical loupes 2.5X 3.0X 3.5X Magnification with Titanium Frames  CHL series
*CHL series are super large working distance designing. it covers the range 300mm - 550mm. 
* Super larger working distance de
Product parameters
working distance: 300MM-550MM
pupil distance: adjustable from 53mm-72mm
Can be Mounted Rx Lens: Yes
Near Pupil Distance: Pupil distance adjustable
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New High-quality dental loupes surgical loupes medical loupes 2.5X 3.0X 3.5X Magnification, CHL series
New Flip Up binoculars magnifier Style, sports frames, 2.5x 3.0X 3.5X magnification with super larger working distance desgning (300mm - 550mm), view angle adjustable, pupil distance adjustable.
* super larger working distance design: 300mm -550mm
* central PD adjustment
* Plastic material Loupes Barrels
* Light Weight Design. different color frames optional
* Mounting Prescription lens Service (small RX lens inset)

Careoptical binoculars magnifying loupes are widely used in dentistry, the Department of Stomatology, the ENT department, general surgery, the cervical Spine Department of Neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, pet hospital, and other medical fields. surgical binoculars loupe is a necessary tool for fine examination and treatment. 



New Flip Up Dental Surgical Loupes CHL Series Features:
Flip Up Dental Loupes surgical binocular magnifier 2.5X is widely used in dentistry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, meticulous examination, general surgery, or pet hospital clinical departments,  and is an effective visual aid product. 2.5X loupes provide a larger field of view,  ultra-light design can be worn for a long time; from the perspective of the inter-pupil distance is adjustable, allowing users to reduce the bending of the neck and back, effectively preventing the occurrence of occupational disease of the cervical vertebra.
Sports frame using high-quality PC materials, high elasticity, high strength, long lifetime, lightweight. The sports style design is suitable for various sizes of faces, comfortable to wear,  and a variety of colors. The lenses harden PC lenses, have impact resistance, are not easy to scratch, and can effectively protect the user's eyes.
Flip Up Dental surgical Loupes with Sports Frame
• High-quality German optical glass, loupes barrels material: Plastic
• Multilayer coating, increases the light transmittance, effectively reducing the light reflection and loss
• Clear imaging, high resolution, high brightness color image
• Ultra-light design, waterproof and dustproof, central adjustment  adjust pupil distance
• Field of view, large depth of field design, fully adjustable, magnifier with two angle hinge structure can ensure that the magnifying glass in        the angle of 0 DEG -45 DEG adjusted, meeting the requirements of various working positions
• Easy to use, can be worn for a long time, the central inter-pupil distance adjustment knob control precision adjustment.
• Excellent after-sales service, to provide professional guidance to buy.

 sports frames Can be mounted Prescription lens (RX lens ). if you need to mount Prescription lenses (RX lens), please choose "if you need Prescription lens" and fill in the RX lens data (please mark "+" or "-").

Packing includes (accessory)
- Dental surgical loupes
- High-quality sports frames
- Luxury AL case packing 
- Clear protective lens cover
- Headband strap
- Flip up paddle
- Screwdriver
- Cleaning cloth
- Loupes manual
2.5x/3.0X/3.5X are the most popular models. It offers the widest field of view and the longest depth of focus. It has an excellent clear view and great optical capability to provide the operator with optical magnification while providing an extended field of view. it is popularly used in dentistry and surgeon fields.
*Flip Up loupes can be worked together with our medical Lamps CHL series very well. order loupes together with CHLSeries light as one set, that will save money. 
Medical lamps  CHL-M06C-BP   Add USD150.00   (IF order only  lamps price is USD200.00 +shipping charge)
   CHL-M06C-BP description:   dental surgical lamps medical Light CHL-JCM06C-BP (

Medical Lamps CHL-M08B-BP  Add  USD250.00   (IF order only lamps  price is USD300.00+shipping charge)
   CHL-M08C-BP description:   Portable dental surgical lamps CHL-JCM08P-CP (