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Swing magnifier (Jewelry loupe) C-650 seires

Item No.: F-M-650
folding magnifier folding designing  mainy check  Jewelry  examine stamps, prints, engraving, circuit boards, etc
Product parameters
Item No.: C-6501/6502/6504
Magnification: 10X 10X 10X
Description How to order

 Swing magnifier (Jewelry loupe) C-6501/6502/6503
optical glass lens. The magnifier’s lens can be turned out and turned back so that it is portable.

Item No Size(mm) Magnification Diopter Shape Feature
C-6501 Dia:20 10X 36 Round lens glass lens
C-6502 Dia:12 10X 36 Round Lens glass lens
C-6504 Dia: 25 10X 36 Round lens glass lens
Mgnifier need minimum order quanity 100 piece each item. if you need order, please contact
Leading time: shipped out within 7 days after order confrimation
shipping way: according to rquirements
payment terms: T/T advanced (also accpet Paypal ,credit card payment)