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Spectacle type bifocal monocular with 5 lenses C-8541

Item No.: E-M-8541
eyewear  magnifierclip on  loupes,can be attachd on your eye for checking or reparing watch.fine elements, craft work
Product parameters
Item No.: C-8541
Magnification: 2X 2.5X 3.0X 4X 5X 6X
Description How to order

Spectacle type bifocal monocular with 5 lenses C-8541
Spectacle type bifocal monocular with 5 lenses comprises of a 2.5× monocular telescope visual aids on a spectacle frame. It is used for observation of far distance target. Additionally, 5 convex lens with different magnification (2×, 3×, 4×, 5×, 6×) can be placed in front of the monocular telescope, forming a microscope system to magnify the near distance objects even significantly, thus forming a telescope with high magnification to satisfy the needs of amblyopic groups.
1The visual aids can be used in the field of medical, biology, clock and watch, machinery, printing, and device Maintenance.
2 The visual aids can also be used Help amblyopia people with observe far- and near-distance objects.
BPerformance of monocular (without convex lens equipped)

Model No. Magnification Field of view Observable distance
8541 2.5× 10.5° 280 ~ ∞
C Performance of magnifier (with convex lens equipped )
NO. of convex Lens Magnification Zoom magnification Usage
2# 3× ~ 5× Adjusting the magnification by rotating the lens barrel clockwise (or counter clockwise) can change magnification continuously to observe objects.
3# 3.5× ~ 7.5×
4# 4.5× ~ 10×
5# 6× ~ 12.5×
6# 8× ~ 15×
Mgnifier need minimum order quanity 100 piece each item. if you need order, please contact hopkinwong@careoptical.cn
Leading time: shipped out within 7 days after order confrimation
shipping way: according to rquirements
payment terms: T/T advanced (also accpet Paypal ,credit card payment)