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adjustable Prismatic eyeglasses for lying people C-8108

Item No.: SP-M-8108
eyewear  magnifierclip on  loupes,can be attachd on your eye for checking or reparing watch.fine elements, craft work
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Item No.: C-8108
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adjustable Prismatic eyeglasses for lying people C-8108
The adjustable myopia eyeglasses for lying people is a binocular visual aids specially designed for nearsighted and low vision people who are lying in bed and can not stand up and sit. By using the principle of reflection light through a prism ,it can make people lie down watching TV and surrounding scenery like sitting and standing people.(it can help lie-down people to watch TV and look at surrounding scenery as a sitting or standing people does.)
The existing eyeglasses for lie-down people in the market are designed for normal version people. But this product is mainly targeted on amblyopic and nearsighted people in bed.  There are two kinds of dipoters -2D and -4D provided for different myopia people to choose.
One side of the prism is spherical design, forming different dipoters of products. Users can make choice according to different vision.
The prism uses optical PMMA material. Compared with glass prism, the lens is light in weight and the eyeglasses use strip type of eyeglasses frame so that the eyeglasses has been greatly reduced in overall weight, which is easy for people in bed to wear for a long time.
To avoid frequently wearing and removing the eyeglasses, the prism frame is designed as circuition structure so that by turning the prism frame upward people can watch with naked eyes. Turning the prism frame up and down slightly can fine-adjust the viewing angle when using the eyeglasses. The prism is coated with protective hard coating film for resistance to friction.


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