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Eye Loupe C-8501-/C8502/C-8503/C-8504/C-8505

Item No.: E-M-850 SERIES
eye magnifier,eye loupes,can be attachd on your eye for checking or reparing watch.fine elements, hand free
Product parameters
Item No.: C-8501-/C8502/C-8503/C-8504/C-8505
Magnification: 5X 7X 9X 12X 15X
Description How to order

Eye Loupe  C-8501-/C8502/C-8503/C-8504/C-8505
The series magnifiers are mainly used for watch repair and hand craft work. It is made of aspheric PMMA lens and aspheric glass lens, and it is light,high in magnification and transparency, strong in impact resistance. The eye doesn’t feel tired after use   

Item No Lens Size(mm) Magnification Diopter Height (mm) Feature
C-8501 Dia:29 5X 16 30 Aspheric PMMA Lens
C-8502 Dia:29 7X 24 30 Aspheric PMMA Lens
C-8503 Dia:29 9X 32 30 Aspheric PMMA Lens
C-8504 Dia:14 12X 40 40 Glass lens
C-8505 Dia:15 15X 56 40 Glass lens
Mgnifier need minimum order quanity 100 piece each item. if you need order, please contact hopkinwong@careoptical.cn
Leading time: shipped out within 7 days after order confrimation
shipping way: according to rquirements
payment terms: T/T advanced (also accpet Paypal ,credit card payment)