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Spectacle magnifier C-8105 C-8106

Item No.: e-m-8105/8106
eyewear  magnifierclip on  loupes,can be attachd on your eye for checking or reparing watch.fine elements, craft work
Product parameters
Item No.: C-8105 8106
Magnification: 2X 2X
Description How to order

  Spectacle magnifier C-8105   C-8106
C-8105 pectacles can be used for television viewing at home or when you're out and about e.g. at the cinema, theatre and sporting events, etc. For watching television the best distance is 3m, and it can enlarge the TV screen by 2 times.  spectacles magnifier have an aspherical design, which minimizes any aberration. The lenses have been toughened so that they can be scratch resistant. The frame of the spectacles is the product which uses the latest technology and it is flexible enough to fit the contour of different faces.
C-8106 is The short range spectacles magnifier is suitable for works such as instrumentation assembly, process operation, identification of minor items and medical surgery, etc. The magnification is 2×. The angle between two optical axes is 10°. The observation distance is 300~350mm. Wearers can adjust the objective lens independently according to their vision conditions until objects can be seen clearly. Additionally wearers can let their both hands free for operation.


Item No Size(mm) magnification Diopter
IPD range (adjustable) FOV Weight (g) Working disatnce
C-8105  2X35 2.0X ±3D 60-68mm 45 3000mm
C-8106 2X35 2.0X +0~-5 60 ~ 68mm  15° 45 300~350mm
Mgnifier need minimum order quanity 100 piece each item. if you need order, please contact hopkinwong@careoptical.cn
Leading time: shipped out within 7 days after order confrimation
shipping way: according to rquirements
payment terms: T/T advanced (also accpet Paypal ,credit card payment)