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CareOptik Custom made TTL dental surgical loupes 4.0x

Item No.: TTL-4.0X
super quality  Custom made TTL  Prismatic (Kepler) dental surgical loupes Magnifying glasses 4.0X  Titanium  frames,super light weight and strong desiging,  large field of view, deeper depth of view. clear image edge to edge. prismatic optics system with
Product parameters
working distance: S: 280-380mm; R: 360-460mm; L: 440-540mm; XL: 500-600mm
pupil distance: custom made
Frames Color: Black
Frames Size: one size fits all
Can be Mounted Rx Lens: Yes
Near Pupil Distance: custom made
Description Online shop link:

Custom made TTL Prismatic (Kepler)  dental loupes surgical loupes binoculars Medical loupes 4.0X 5.0X 6.0X  magnification with Titanium Frames.     Order direct from online shop:  free shipping charge

custom made prismatic (Kepler) loupes, Designed by Prismatic (Kepler) optics system,  offering more larger magnifciation 4.0x 5.0x 6.0x , wider fields of view, deeper depth of views, high resolution edge to edge image, optional working distance  from 280mm to 600mm . super light weight designing. new generation dental surgical loupes, comforable and stonger titanium frames.

*this new custom made TTL loupes can be mounted prescription lens (Rx lens),  that will mount precription lens (RX lens) on loupes Barrels and loupes frames.  cylinder Power prescription lens are also acceptable. 
*If you need mount Precription lens, must choose" mounting prescription lens  "YES"   And then fill the Precription len data.


TTL through the lens style, Titanium Frames.easy using, high quality,custom made loupes, don't need adjust any more, super light weight,  

 custom made TTL (through the lens ) medical  loupes are widely used in dentistry, hygine,surgery,Department of Stomatology, ENT department, general surgery, cervical spine Department of Neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, pet hospital and other medical fields. It is a  necessary magnifier glasses for doctors in the fine examination and treatment or operation, that will be more better using the TTL loupes with  LED headlamp. 
 Optics System: Using Prismatic (Kepler) Optics system, more pieces optics lens, offering 
                          more larger magnification, high resolution edge to edge image.
Loupes Lens :    Super Quality Medical Grade Optics glass Material
Lens Coating:    Multi-coating with hard treatment. Anti-scratch
Frames:             Super Light and strong Titanium Frames
Nose Pads:        Soft transparent Silicon nose pads, friendly to skin, bigger and thicker nose
                           pads for comfortable wearing
Head Strap:       Soft Cotton head strap, friendly for skin
TTL Style:           Custom made TTL style, Mounted loupes as user’s Pupil Distance (near),
                           Loupes Barrels go though the Frames Lens, more lighter than Flip Up Style,
                           offering more larger fields of view and depth of views. Supporting neck and
                          back don’t need bend head too much when long time wearing loupes working.
Packing:             Super quality Luxury AL case packing, protecting loupes safety when Transportation




New Designing Slim TTL Dental Surgical Loupes Features:
TTL loupes is custom made loupes. The loupes barrel goes through the frames lens, it is super lighter and offering more wider field of view, it is mounted according to buyers pupil distance, and don’t need adjust any more when buyer use it.
TTL Prismatic (Kepler) dental loupes surgical loupes binocular magnifier glasses 4.0x/5.0x/6.0x  is widely used in dentistry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, meticulous examination and general surgery or pet hospital clinical departments, is an effective visual aid products. 4.0x 5.0x 6.0x  TTL loupes provide a larger field of view, ultra light design can be worn for a long time; allows users to reduce the bending of the neck and back, effectively prevent the occurrence of occupational disease of cervical vertebra.
TTL loupes Titanium frame using high quality Titanium material, high elasticity, high strength, long lifetime, light weight. titanium frames design, suitable for various sizes of head and face, comfortable to wear, The frames lenses are hard treatment PC lenses, impact resistance, not easy to scratch, can effectively protect the user's eyes. titanium frames frames also can be mounted Prescription lens (Rx Lens),loupes barrels can be mounted prescription lens (Rx) Lens.
Mounting Prescription lens : 
this new designing slim custom made TTL loupes can be mounted prescription lens on loupes barrels and loupes frame, so, if you choosed "mount prscription lens" "YES" . we will mount the RX lens on loupes barrels and frames. so the cost is higher than our H series, cylinder precription lens are acceptable. 
TTL Dental surgical Loupes with Titanium Frames 
•High quality Germany optical glass
•Multi-coated optics lens, increase the light transmittance, effectively reduce the light reflection and loss
• Clear imaging, high resolution, high brightness color image
• Ultra light design, waterproof and dustproof, custom made as user's pupil sitance (near)
• Field of view, large depth of field design, custom made loupes, don’t need adjust
• Easy to use, can be worn for a long time,  super lighter and offering more wider fields of view. Custom made, the cost is higher than Flip Up style.
• Excellent after-sales service, to provide professional guidance to buy.

TTL Loupes Packing includes (accessory)
•Dental surgical loupes mounting on Frames
• Luxury AL case packing 
• Headband strap
• Cleaning cloth          
• Loupes manual

How to measure PD?  what is pupil distance of dental surigcal loupe? how to measure it? (
How to measure Pupil distance ? 
Downlod the App "PDCHECK AR"  From App store ofg your smarphone. and then you can measure your PD easily. get your the near pupil distance,

 TTL style loupes is custom  made loupes, need more couple of days shipped out.

 TTL loupes surgica loupes, dental loupes, it is very light and laconic appearance.custom made loupes, super lighter and more wider field of view. titanium Frames are  more stronger and lighter

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