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TTL loupes 2.5x

TTL loupes TTL dental loupes surgical loupes 2.5X, Order direct from our online mall:

• Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity
• Extremely high resolution optics
• Lightweight design
• Multi-coated for: anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance
• Manufacturer direct pricing

TTL style: TTL stands for ¡°Through The Lens¡±, It means that the loupes are glued to your lens. Although TTL is slightly lighter than Flip-Up system, it can not be moved from line of vision and the user can not make adjustments to the angle of declination to accommodate for the patient¡¯s position. And since each pair of TTL loupes is custom made, it is much more expensive than the Flip-Up loupes¡£The loupes Through The Lens are light weight, and laconic appearance.It has fashionable design and comparable with designer frames

sports frames.easy using, high quality,custom made loupes, don't need adjust any more, super light weight, closer to your eyes offering largest fields of view. TTL loupes sports frames can be mounted prescription lens.our TTL dental loupes TTL surgical loupes are the best quality in the market. and price is manufacturer direct price.  

TTL (through the lens ) loupes are widely used in dentistry, Department of Stomatology, ENT department, general surgery, cervical spine Department of Neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, pet hospital and other medical fields. IT is a a necessary magnifier glassesfor doctors in the fine examination and treatment, that will be more better using the TTL loupes with  LED headlamp.

 TTL loups dental loupes surgical loupes sports frames Black

TTL loups dental loupes surgical loupes sports frames Silver

TTL loups dental loupes surgical loupes sports frames Bright Blue

TTL loups dental loupes surgical loupes sports frames Dark Blue

TTL loups dental loupes surgical loupes sports frames Pink

TTL loupes dental loupes surgical loupes sport frames



New improved TTL loupes framees can be mounted prescription lens

If you need mounting prescription lens, please choose the " Prescription lens data" and fill the data.

TTL style loupes is customerized made loupes, need more couple days shipped out.

TTL dental loupes surgical loupes 2.5X with Rx lens

 TTL loupes dental loupes surgical loupes sport frames

dental loupes surgical loupes packing

the new improved TTL loupes sports frame can be mount prescription lens. there is a inside lens sheet for mounting Prescription lens.   mounting RX lens in our side only add USD50.00

 How to choose TTL dental loupes surgical loupes

2.5x normal TTL loupes, it is very light and laconic appearance.

Working Distance
Field of View
Depth of Field
340mm / 13,4 in
90mm / 3.6 in
80mm / 3.2 in
60gr / 1.9 ounce
420mm / 16.5 in
100mm / 4.0 in
90mm / 3.6 in
60gr / 1.9 ounce
500mm / 19,7 in
110mm / 4.4 in
110mm / 4.4 in
60gr / 1.9 ounce
550mm / 21,7 in
120mm / 4.8 in
120mm / 4.8 in
60gr / 1.9 ounce
All Models
Through the lens. Adjustable viewing angle not allowed
All Models
There are three pupil distance: 59-61mm.61-63mm,63-65mm
All Models
Average weight including (medium) frame: 60 grams / 1.9 ounce

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