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galilean loupes 2.5x
Flip up surgical loupes  dental  loupes ----galilean loupes 2.5x
• Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity
• Extremely high resolution optics
• Lightweight design
• Multi-coated for: anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance
• Manufacturer direct pricing 
Light weight, Galilean type binocular loupes. Maximum ease of use, combined with multi-functional capabilities. Available in a variety of working distances for your maximum comfort .Multi-coated precision lenses for superb clarity and reduced reflection. Ultra light-weight body and frame for maximum comfort. Fully adjustable viewing angle, pupil distance and flip-up function.
2.5 x is the most popular model. It offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus. It has excellent clear view and great optical capability to provide the operator with the optimal magnification while providing extended field of view
Working distance
Field of View
Depth of Field
340mm / 13,4 in
90mm / 3,5 in
80mm / 3,1 in
42gr / 1.35 ounce
420mm / 16.5 in
100mm / 3,9 in
90mm / 3,5 in
42gr / 1.35 ounce
500mm / 19,7 in
110mm / 4,3 in
110mm / 4,3 in
42gr / 1.35 ounce
550mm / 21,7 in
125mm / 4,9 in
120mm / 4,7 in
42gr / 1.35 ounce
All Models
Adjustable viewing angle: 0 - 45¡ã
All Models
Adjustable pupil distance: 46mm/1.6" - 70mm/2.8"
All Models
Average weight including (medium) frame: 80 grams / 2.6 ounce
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optional frames for the loupes

(1)Nickel-alloy frames :three size: small/middle/large. aviliable for all the loupes.

(2)Titanium frames  two size: small/middle aviliable for all the loupes.

(3) NEW sports frames  "one size fits all" ,four color: sliver/dark blue/brown/pink

     aviliable for the 2.5x 3.0x 3.5x flip up and TTL style.

(4) safety protective frames:"one size fits all" 

]   aviliable for 2.5x 3.0x 3.5x flip up and TTL style

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